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Dream Big. Breathe Easier

Invest in Breathtaking Research. And Breath-Giving Care.

Now that the Montreal Chest Institute Foundation and the MUHC Foundation have joined forces, they launched a $10 million dollar respiratory campaign. The Dream Big: Breathe Easier campaign will invest in both Breathtaking Research and Breath-Giving Care.

Did you know that we take more than 500 million breaths in our lifetime? When our lungs are healthy, we don’t think twice abut our breathing and often take it for granted. However, for someone who is living with a respiratory disease, they are constantly faced with breathing difficulties and every breath can be a struggle. Respiratory diseases are on the rise globally. Over 3 million people die from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) annually, an estimated 6% of all deaths worldwide. 235 million people suffer from asthma. And outdoor air pollution causes over 4 million premature deaths each year.

Both foundations are working tirelessly to ensure their patients can breath easier. Together, they will continue to provide highly specialized patient care. Conduct cutting-edge medical research. And train the next generation of respiratory specialists and leaders.

About the Montreal Chest Institute Fund

History of the Montreal Chest Institute

Dr. Margaret Becklake Fellowship

Meet our Dr. Margaret Becklake Fellows

Dr. Margaret Becklake Fellowship 2020-2021 recipient: Dr. Mikashmi Kohli

Mikashmi Kohli
2020-2021 Fellow

Postdoctoral fellow from India working on evaluating access to TB and other essential respiratory diagnostic tests in India

2021-2022 Margaret Becklake Fellowship Ben Geboe

Ben Geboe
2021-2022 Fellow

Indigenous postdoctoral fellow leading work to understand how TB prevention and care can be delivered in a culturally safe framework for urban Indigenous populations in Montreal

2022 Margaret Becklake Everglad Mugutso

Everglad Mugutso
2022-2023 Fellow

Physician from Zimbabwe completing her MSc research project that will examine ways to provide better quality of care and quality of life for patients with lung cancer

2022-2023 recipient of the Margaret Becklake Fellowship Kriti Agarwal

Kriti Agarwal
2022-2023 Fellow

Licensed physiotherapist from India working towards her PhD in the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation in individuals with long-term symptoms of COVID-19

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Breathe Easier. Campaign

MUHC Respiratory Campaign News

Meakins Plaque Unveiling

The Meakins-Christie Laboratories unveiled two new plaques in honor of its 50th Anniversary.

2023 MUHC Foundation MCI Innovation Grant Awards

Congratulations to the 2023 MUHC Foundation MCI Innovation Grants competition winners, Jonathon Campbell, Maziar Divangahi, Nicole Ezer, Simon Rousseau, Sushmita Pamidi, Salman Qureshi and Bryan Ross!