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Weekly Faculty Meetings

2021-2022 Weekly Faculty Meetings
During these weekly meetings, Meakins, RECRU, and RESP Program Faculty present their grant proposals, research progress and manuscripts. A joint Journal Club will take place once per month.
Time:  Fridays at 12:00 PM unless otherwise advertised
Location: Zoom

Friday August 20, 2021Benjamin Smith NIH Grant Presentation
Title: Airway trees in the Anthropocene: a study to define resilient and susceptible airway trees and the pivotal biologic pathways driving mortality.
Friday August 27, 2021No Meeting – Happy CIHR writing!
Friday September 3, 2021No Meeting – Happy CIHR writing!
Friday September 10, 2021No Meeting – Happy CIHR writing!
Friday September 17, 2021Simon Rousseau
Title: Looking for molecular regulators of Cystic Fibrosis pulmonary exacerbations: implementing a systems biology approach.
Friday September 24, 2021Journal Club
Friday October 1, 2021Arnold Kristof
Title: My CIHR Grant and Pre-Clinical Research.
Friday October 8, 2021Basil Petrof
Title: Macrophages as a Trojan horse for gene therapy.
Friday October 15, 2021Gregory Fonseca
Title: Change and death in macrophages: My NSERC grant.
Friday October 22, 2021Journal Club
Friday October 29, 2021James Martin
Title: Chlorine, innate lymphoid cells and FoxP3 macrophages.
Friday November 5, 2021Elizabeth Fixman
Title: STAT6-IP inhibition of Type 2 innate inflammation through up regulation of inhibitory neuropeptides.
Friday November 12, 2021Bruce Mazer
Title: B-cell derived Extracellular Vesicles are regulators of Allergic Inflammation.
Friday November 19, 2021Maziar Divangahi
Title: The nuts and bolts of pulmonary macrophages.
Friday November 26, 2021Journal Club
Friday December 3, 2021Anne-Marie Lauzon
Title: Smooth muscle relaxation: a molecular mechanics view.
Friday January 14, 2022Sabah Hussain
Title:  Urolithin A: A silver bullet to improve skeletal muscle function in COPD patients. 
Friday January 21, 2022No Meeting
Friday January 28, 2022Meeting Postponed
Friday February 4, 2022Dao Nguyen
Title: Bacterial pathoadaptation and the biogeography of CF lung disease.
Friday February 11, 2022No Meeting
Friday February 18, 2022Journal Club
Friday February 25, 2022Carolyn Baglole
CIHR Grant Presentation: A(h)Re you ready for the smoking gun?
Friday March 4, 2022No Meeting – McGill Study Break
Friday March 11, 2022Meeting Postponed
Friday March 18, 2022Journal Club
Friday March 25, 2022Irah King
Title: Regulation of intestinal stem cells by parasitic helminths and type 2 cytokines.
Friday April 1, 2022No Meeting – postponed until April 8
Friday April 8, 2022Journal Club
Friday April 15, 2022No Meeting – Easter
Friday April 22, 2022Salman Qureshi
Title: CARD9: a susceptibility gene for Cryptococcus neoformans infection.
Friday April 29, 2022Simon Rousseau
Title: Leveraging multi-omic data from BQC19 to discover molecular pathways regulating COVID-19 disease severity.
Friday May 6, 2022Journal Club
Friday May 13, 2022No Meeting – ATS
Friday May 20, 2022No Meeting – ATS