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Weekly Faculty Meetings

September 8, 2023No Meeting
September 15, 2023No Meeting
September 22, 2023Dr. Benjamin Smith Targeting lung growth and immune development for lifelong lung health
September 29, 2023Dr. Basil PetrofDiaphragm macrophages:  Where do they come from and what do they do?
October 6, 2023Dr. Carolyn BagloleVaping Team Grant
October 13, 2023Dr. Gregory FonsecaAnalyzing the MESA aging dataset
October 20, 2023No Meeting
October 27, 2023Dr. Bruce MazerHow do I make the perfect B-regulatory cell?
November 3, 2023No Meeting
November 10, 2023Dr. Elizabeth Fixman Type 2 inflammation in a combined RSV-HDM murine model: does RSV promote HDM-induced innate immunity or does HDM promote RSV-induced adaptive immunity?
November 17, 2023Dr. James MartinStudies of Influenza in mice
November 24, 2023No Meeting
December 1, 2023No MeetingRespiratory Division Holiday Luncheon
December 8, 2023Dr. Jeremie PoschmannThe Unexpected Legacy of Sepsis: Unveiling Its Role in Macrophage Training and Cancer Defense
December 15, 2023HAPPY HOLIDAYS
January 12, 2024 Journal Club
January 19, 2023Dr. Arnold KristofMechanisms of Neoplasia in Lymphangioleiomyomatosis
January 26, 2024Dr. Salman QureshiCIHR Project Grant Presentation
A novel host susceptibility gene for fungal pneumonia
February 2, 2024Journal Club
February 9, 2024Dr. Sabah HussainCIHR Project Grant Presentation 
Regulation of skeletal muscle and peroxisomal homeostasis by Depp1 protein
February 16, 2024Dr. Gregory FonsecaCIHR Project Grant Presentation
February 23, 2024OpenCIHR Project Grant Presentation
March 1 & 8, 2024No Meetings – Spring Break
March 15, 2024Journal Club
March 22, 2024Dr. Irah KingThere is a fungus among us and it might get rid of your worms
March 29, 2024Easter Holiday
April 5, 2024Dr. Dao Nguyen Host-pathogen interactions of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and CF infections: where next?
April 12, 2024No Meeting
Canadian Respiratory Conference
April 19, 2024Dr. Larry LandsThe Inhaled Therapeutics Program
April 26, 2024Dr. Simon RousseauLeveraging -omic data to better understand pathogenesis
May 3, 2024
Journal Club
May 10, 2024Dr. Jun DingUnagi reconstructs the cellular dynamics in pulmonary fibrosis and identifies repurposed drugs
May 17 & 24, 2024No meeting
American Thoracic Society Conference
May 31, 202434th Annual Dr. Dorothy Wiselberg Seminar
June 7, 2024Journal Club

2023-2024 Weekly Faculty Meetings
During these weekly meetings, Meakins, RECRU, and RESP Program Faculty present their grant proposals, research progress and manuscripts. A joint Journal Club will take place once per month.
Time:  Fridays at 12:00 PM unless otherwise advertised
Location: EM3.2225 and Zoom