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Equipment Booking and Orientation Document

COVID-19 Phase 3 Documentation – Meakins-Christie Labs

*** PHASE 4 of COVID-19 Research Activities ***
Contact Séverine if you have any questions.

Full documentation available on the RI-MUHC Portal.
Sign-up in the RESP COVID-19 Team Up Calendar is ENCOURAGED during Phase 4.

Meakins Equipment Booking System

Common equipment booking is MANDATORY. Include the following information: user full name, PI and phone number (or email address). Non-authorized user reservations or booking with incomplete information will be cancelled.

*** In addition to the equipment calendars below, the COVID-19 Team Up Calendar is used to monitor and plan your work on site. Please contact Séverine to access your COVID-19 LAB CALENDAR

Orientation Document

Please view our Orientation Document for information on the Meakins, RI, equipment, booking information, as well as important administrative information.

Meakins Shared Protocols

Please see Severine Audusseau for sharing new protocols and access to existing protocols.
Use the search box above or ctrl+F to search for protocols.

SOP-MEAK-9001 Autoclave Standard Operational Procedure

LAUA-0100 Western Blot
NGUD-0001 bGal assay

NGUD-0002 in gel SOD activity
NGUD-0003 NaOH Lysis
NGUD-0004 colony PCR
NGUD-0005 Four- Parental Mating

NGUD-0006 Isolation of Chromosomal DNA using the DNeasy Tissue Kit
NGUD-0007 Elastase Production Assay
NGUD-0008 Neutrophil Elastase
NGUD-0009 Pyocyanin Production Assay
NGUD-0010 Stationary Phase Time Kill
NGUD-0011 Processing of CF Sputum Samples
NGUD-0012 Testing of Compounds by Disk Diffusion
NGUD-0013 Total Catalase Activity
NGUD-0014 Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC)
NGUD-0015 Lab Recipes