Respiratory Research Day

Annual Research Day at which prizes are awarded to the best oral and poster presenters for fundamental, clinical, and evaluative research.

31st RI-MUHC Respiratory Research Day

Friday, June 10, 2022
Hosted by the RI-MUHC Translational Research in Respiratory Diseases Program

The event will be VIRTUAL.

Should MUHC COVID restrictions change, we expect to host a HYBRID in-person and virtual event to respect auditorium capacity limits and MUHC COVID restrictions.

Abstract Submission Deadline: May 18, 2022 : submit abstract HERE
Registration Deadline: June 3, 2022 : register HERE.
Registration is mandatory to submit and access virtual posters.

More details can be found below and here:

Keynote Mackelm Lecture

Patricia Janet Sime
Professor of Medicine, Virginia Commonwealth University

About our Research Day

Clinical Fellows, Postdoctoral Fellows & Graduate Students
Members of the MUHC Respiratory Division and RI-MUHC Respiratory Program
The aim of this research day is to provide a forum for the presentation of clinical, basic, and translational research by clinical and postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. A prize will be awarded to the best presentation. Submitted abstracts will be reviewed and selected for either an oral or a poster pitch presentation. 
All clinical fellows are welcome to present. Second year fellows are expected to present their results from their 6 months of research experience. New trainees are encouraged to present their research project proposals.

Instructions for Presenters (Note, this may change as we plan the virtual or hybrid event)

Oral Presentations:
Each presenter will have 10 minutes for their powerpoint presentation. Plan for ~8 minutes for your presentation which should cover an intro, hypothesis, methods, results, and conclusions. Leave ~ 2 minutes for questions. Please come with your presentation on USB (if the event is HYBRID). Please send the organizers your presentation 24h in advance (if the event is VIRTUAL). Note: all orals will be judged together – so remember to make your presentation ACCESSIBLE TO A BROAD AUDIENCE and AVOID JARGON. Explain all clinical terms (fellows: remember to explain diseases and clinical procedures). Explain all scientific methods (basic trainees: not everyone does flow cytometry, so remember to describe your experiments and methods clearly). Your talks will be judged by PIs from a wide range of backgrounds.

Poster Pitch: Printed posters are not permitted this year. During the virtual poster session, each presenter will have 3 minutes to “pitch” their poster. PRACTICE THIS PITCH! Each poster presenter will be allowed 1 SLIDE. The goal is not to read the poster, but to use this time to introduce yourself, your research, and your major outcomes in a succinct and clear manner. Once again, remember to make your presentation ACCESSIBLE TO A BROAD AUDIENCE and AVOID JARGON. Presenters will be able to UPLOAD this slide or an image of the poster into the abstract submission platform. Participants will be able to browse the posters in advance of the meeting.

Contact the RESP program manager if you have any questions