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Procedures for trainees and PDFs

Information about new trainees & PDFs

Minimum information needed by admin team for new trainees in the labs and to pay.

  1. Please complete Google form or send us the following information
    1. Full name
    2. Level of studies (undergrad? honors? MSc PhD PDF?)
    3. Department coming in through
    4. Email address
    5. McGill ID (if applicable)
    6. Amount of stipend
    7. Cost center for payment of stipend
    8. External funding?
    9. Start date
    10. End date (approx.)
    11. Trainee coming from Quebec? Out-of-Province? International?
    12. Title of project that student will be working on

Information required to obtain ID card

  1. Student will be required to complete the following forms
    1. Personal information
    2. Confidentiality and Security
    3. Supervisor’s Authorization (completed with supervisor)
    4. Vaccination Status (with proof of vaccination)
  2. Student must provide the following:
    1. Copy of McGill ID (if applicable)
    2. Copy of RAMQ, OHIP or other health insurance
    3. Copy of government-issued photo ID (if no RAMQ or OHIP)

Documents required to obtain Work Permit

  1. PhD Diploma
  2. Transcript
  3. Passport

Expense reports

Just a reminder that students/employees are responsible for submitting their own payment requests for reimbursement.  (Unless it’s a travel award through the Meakins). Your supervisor needs to provide you with cost center (account) to use for the form.

Here is some information that should help with your submission.
You can find the form on the RI Portal / Payment Request
Submit all documents electronically.
Accounts payable processes reimbursement via Direct Deposit.
Include form & Void cheque with your request (form attached)
(Save as a draft until you are certain all is correct.  Once submitted you cannot edit the form).

First window:
Your reimbursement request should always be in CAD$.
Category; “travel & meal reimbursement”.
Payment instructions:  direct deposit

2nd window:
 0 = travel advance, start & end date of conference, name & location of conference.

3rd window:
Expense Claim:  One expense line per receipt 
Cost center:  (account provided by your supervisor)
Category: Date of Expense:
Amount:  CAD$
Description:  say what the expense is & add the Euro or USD amount showing on the receipt.
For CASH Receipts in foreign currency, attach the exchange rate as backup.
Look up the exchange rate, pdf the page & attach to pay requisition.

  • Be sure to upload each receipt with each line.
  • At the end, attach your credit card statement(s).
  • Attach the conference program.
  • All documents should be PDF’s.
  • Tick off the answers to the questions
  • Your supervisor is your approver.

Purchase requisitions