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Canada Excellence Research Chair Program Brings Darcy Wagner to the Meakins

Darcy Wagner CERC Lung Regenerative Medicine

Of the 34 new Canada Excellence Research Chairs (CERC), 3 were recruited to McGill University. Darcy Wagner will join the Meakins-Christie Laboratories in January 2024 as the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Lung Regenerative Medicine. Her research is developing new therapeutic interventions that can replace diseased lung tissue or accelerate its regeneration. She will join McGill from Lund University’s Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine and will leverage advances in different disciplines such as biomaterials, stem cell biology, and advanced biomanufacturing. Her program will develop new manufacturing techniques based on 3D bioprinting approaches to improve the precision at which lung tissue can be generated. The ultimate goal is to generate functional respiratory tissue with the potential for clinical translation.

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McGill receives three Canada Excellence Research Chairs. McGill Reporter. November 16, 2023.