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Health Matters: Honouring the Montreal Chest Institute

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This year’s honoree of Le Bal Rouge, Dr. Kevin Schwartzman shares what makes the Montreal Chest Institute special.

(Time on Podcast: 19:55). This year’s Le Bal Rouge is honoring Dr. Kevin Schwartzman of the Montreal Chest Institute. Kevin describes his medical career. During his internal medicine residency, he was exposed to an outstanding respirology who became a real role model. This interaction encouraged him to pursue a career in respiratory medicine. He described the diversity of patients and respiratory diseases and the great colleagues at the Montreal Chest Institute. The Montreal Chest Institute sees over 30,000 patients a year – from people suffering common respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD, all the way to more acute infections such as pneumonia and tuberculosis (TB). Some patients may also have lung problems from other diseases – such as rheumatoid arthritis. Kevin describes the welcoming environment of the Montreal Chest Institute. Patients often describe the even though they are in the MUHC super hospital, but when they walk into the Montreal Chest Institute clinics, the nurses and the staff know them, and they feel like a name instead of a number. Kevin’s research is focused on tuberculosis. Tuberculosis, up until the COVID-19 pandemic, was the leading cause of death worldwide from a single infectious agent. It is an infectious disease that primarily affects the lungs but can involve any body site. The bacteria can stay dormant for many years and then create disease and symptoms later in life if the person becomes ill for other reasons. Tuberculosis is not very common in Canada except in some segments of the population. However, nearly 1/4 of people living in Canada that were born outside of Canada have latent or dormant tuberculosis infection. Kevin’s research focuses on ways to better prevent and care for people with TB. His research group is looking into the use of digital technologies to support TB treatment and new approaches to screening and preventive treatment for TB infection.

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The roadmap to curing cancer. MUHC Foundation Health Matters Podcast. May 21, 2023.