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Health Matters: Prehabilitation Program for Lung Cancer

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This week on Health Matters, the MUHC Foundation is speaks with Becklake Fellow Dr. Everglad Mugutso about her “prehabilitation” research for patients with lung cancer.

(Time on podcast: 29:20). Everglad Mugutso is completing her Master’s degree at McGill University under the supervision of Dr. Nicole Ezer. She was awarded the prestigious Dr. Margaret Becklake Fellowship in respiratory research. Her project focuses on improving the long term survival and quality of life of patients with lung cancer all the while having a more personalized approach to their care. Her project will use data and artificial intelligence to analyze existing data to come up with better predictive models – to stratify patients according to their risk, or their treatments, to better improve outcomes. The concept of prehabilitation in lung cancer patients before they go for surgery is also a focus of the project. If patients go into their surgery more fit, they can then recover faster. Biomarkers will also be examined to identify which biomarkers predict outcomes in these patients.

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Join us on World Cancer Day. The MUHC Foundation’s Health Matters. February 5, 2023.