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Health Matters: Jason Shahin Rocks with MUHC’s Got Talent

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This week on Health Matters, Tarah Schwartz speaks with Dr. Jason Shahin, who rocked the stage with his band, J and the Heartbeats during the MUHC’s Got Talen a the Corona Theatre.

(Time on Podcast: 0:10). MUHC’s Got Talent was a fundraising event for the MUHC Foundation on November 16th held at Montreal’s Corona Theatre. The event raised more than $667,000. J and the Heartbeats performed two songs together and Jason Shahin also performed a guitar solo in support of respiratory research at the RI-MUHC. Jason has been playing the guitar since he was 16 and continues to play today. Jason Shahin is a respirologist who also works in the ICU at the MUHC. The band is composed of MUHC employees – including an ICU nurse, a gastroenterologist and a respiratory therapist. They won 3rd place!

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Out of the hospital and onto the Corona Theatre stage. The MUHC Foundation’s Health Matters. November 27, 2022.

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