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Health Matters: Asthma is under control

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This week on Health Matters, hear from a patient from the Montreal Chest Institute whose asthma is under control thanks to their care.

(Time on Podcast: 30:50) A woman living with asthma found comfort and support from the Montreal Chest Institute. Did you know that we take more than 500 million breaths in our lifetime? You may not think about this unless you have difficulty breathing or if you have a lung disease. A patient who has lived with asthma her whole life describes her journey and symptoms. She describes breathing as if she had to breathe through a straw. With support from the Montreal Chest Institute, learn how she optimized her medications with support from her physicians, developed an action plan with her care team and adapted her lifestyle to better control her asthma. Listen to the podcast for her full story.

Listen to the Podcast:

No such thing as a healthy tan. The MUHC Foundation’s Health Matters. August 29, 2021.