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Health Matters: Showing gratitude for front line workers at the MUHC

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This week on Health Matters, how do you prevent COVID-19 outbreaks in the workplace? Dr. Jonathon Campbell (PDF with Dr. Dick Menzies) and Dr. Cedric Yansouni (IDIGH program) discuss their research using rapid COVID-19 tests on essential workers.

(Time on podcast: 0:51) Testing and testing strategies will always be needed during a pandemic. Research at the RI-MUHC looked at the accuracy at saliva vs nasal swab tests. The team looked at the accuracy of saliva tests and found that saliva could be used interchangeable with nasal swabs in many contexts. This is important, because saliva swabs are easy to use, less invasive and don’t need a trained health care professional to administer the test. This led to another project that deployed this into the field in Montrell North that focused on workplace collection of saliva tests for COVID-19. Over 2000 workers participated in the study, suggesting that saliva based testing is highly acceptable. Repeated testing identified outbreak and helped stop transmission. Next steps include recommendations and policy reports on this type of strategy in essential businesses and even long-term care homes.

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Showing gratitude for front line workers at the MUHC. The MUHC Foundation’s Health Matters. July 4, 2021