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Research Seminars 2008-2009

Weekly Research Seminar Series

Mon Sept 8, 2008
Andreas Papapetropoulos 
Prof, Dept Pharmacy
University of Patras
Soluble guanylyl cylase as a therapeutic target
Mon Sept 15, 2008
Thomas Similowski 
Service de Pheumologie et de Réanimation
Groupe Hospitalier Pitié-Salpêtrière
Cortical compensation of inspiratory loads in humans
Mon Sept 22, 2008
Martin Stämpfli 
Associate Prof, Path & Mol Med
McMaster University
Cigarette smoke: An immunological conundrum 
Mon Sept 29, 2008
Tom Waddell
Scientist, Cellular & Molecular Biology
Toronto General Research Institute
Prospects for cell therapy of the lung
Mon Oct 6, 2008
Simon Rousseau
Asst Prof, Exp Med
McGill University
Protein kinase inhibitors in inflammatory lung diseases: a valid therapeutic approach?
Mon Oct 13, 2008No SeminarThanksgiving
Mon Oct 20, 2008
Oxidative stress and Inflammation in Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Mon Oct 27, 2008
Aleksander Edelman 
Faculté de Médecine Necker-
Enfants Malades, Paris
Building the CFTR interactive in the context of inflammation: what we can learn from proteomic and in silico analysis 
Mon Nov 3, 2008
James Martin  
Prof of Med, McGill
Meakins-Christie Labs
To be announced
Mon Nov 10, 2008
Sylvain Chemtob
Prof of Pharmaoclogy, U de M
CHU St-Justine
Nuclear GPCRs: a new paradigm in gene transcription and cell function 
Mon Nov 17, 2008
Amit Bar-Or 
Assoc Prof, Neurol/Neurosurg
Critical Care Division
Human B cells in autoimmune disease: beyond antibodies 
Mon Nov 24, 2008
Maya Saleh 
Assistant Prof, Dept Med, McGill
Critical Care Division
Control of inflammation and innate immunity by caspases and inhibitor of apoptosis proteins 
Mon Dec 1, 2008
R Scott Peebles
Associate Prof, Dept Medicine
Vanderbilt U
The role of cyclooxygenases in allergic airway inflammation 
Christie Lecture
Wed Dec 10, 2008
Marina Saetta 
Institute of Occup Med
University of Padua
From morphometry to immunology: a long trip toward the understanding of COPD 
Mon Dec 15, 2008
Ron Rubenstein 
Dept of Pediatrics
University of Pennsylvania
Chaperoning CFTR and escorting ENaC
Happy Holidays!
Mon Jan 12, 2009
Peter McPherson
Prof, Dept of Neuro & Neurosurg
Montreal Neurological Institute
Molecular mechanisms in clathrin trafficking revealed through sub cellular proteomics 
Mon Jan 19, 2009
Michel Bouvier
Prof, Dept of Biochemistry
University of Montreal
Dynamics of protein complexes regulating G protein-coupled receptor signalling efficacy and specificity
Mon, Jan 26, 2009
Gregory Funk 
Prof, Dept Physiol&Pediatrics
University of Alberta
Modulation of central respiratory networks by ATP: a three-part signalling system 
Mon Feb 2, 2009
Janos Filep 
Prof, Dept Pathol&Cell Bio
University of Montreal
Regulation of neutrophil apoptosis and resolution of inflammation 
Mon Feb 9, 2009
Jack Fairbank 
Postdoctoral Fellow
Meakins-Christie Labs
Cytoskeletal stress alters airway smooth muscle cell structure and contractile function
Mon Feb 16, 2009
Martin Olivier 
Associate Prof, Dept of Med
McGill University
Role of protein tyrosine phosphatases in the regulation of the innate immune response: Leishmania infection as a model 
Mon Feb 23, 2009
Louise Larose
Assoc Prof, Dept of Med, McGill
Polypeptide Hormone Lab
Does NCK function in insulin signaling? Yes, however….
Mon-Tue Mar 2-3, 2009No Seminar Meakins-Christie Workshop
Mon Mar 9, 2009
Martin Kolb
Assoc Prof, Dept Pathol
McMaster U, Firestone Inst Resp Health
Animal models of chronic lung disease – lost in translation? 
Mon Mar 23, 2009
Gergely Lukacs
Prof of Physiology
McGill University
The cell biology of CFTR quality control and beyond 
Mon Mar 30, 2009
Albert van der Vliet 
Assoc Prof, Dept Pathol
University of Vermont
Protecting our borders: NOS and NOX in airway epithelial barrier regulation 
Mon Apr 6, 2009
Catherine Lemière
Assoc Prof, U of M
l’Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur
Work-related asthma: from work exposures to airway inflammation 
Mon Apr 13, 2009No SeminarEaster
Mon Apr 20, 2009
Chun Y Seow  
Assoc Prof, Dept Pathol & Lab Med
Ultrastructural basis of the length-tension relationship in airway smooth muscle 
Mon Apr 27, 2009
Peter Macklem 
Prof Emeritus, McGill
Meakins-Christie Labs
The abdominal circulatory pump: can it act as an auxiliary heart? 
Mon May 4, 2009
David Proud 
Dept Physiol Biophys
University of Calgary
Viral modulation of epithelial cell function: role in asthma & COPD 
Mon May 11, 2009
Joseph A Mancini 
Senior Res Fellow, In Vivo Sciences
Merck-Frosst, Montreal
Development of inhibitors of inducible PGE2 synthase (mPEGS-1) for the treatment of arthritis
Mon May 18, 2009No SeminarATS Conference
Mon May 25, 2009
Elizabeth Fixman
Assoc Prof, Dept Med, McGill
Meakins-CHristie Labs
To be announced
Mon June 1, 2009
Tanja Taivassalo
Respiratory Epidemiology and Clinical Research Unit, McGIll
Mitochondiral phenotype of peripheral muscle in COPD:
disuse or dysfunction
Wiselberg Seminar
Mon June 8, 2009
No Seminar25th Annual Dr. Dorothy Wisekberg Seminar: Update on Severe Asthma