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David Eidelman

photo of david eidelman: research on Inflammatory mechanisms of chronic obstructive lung disease

Professor, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University

  Currently not accepting trainees or staff. 

Research Interests

Although my principal activities at present are administrative, my research interests are focused on inflammatory mechanisms of COPD.  In collaboration with Dr. Hamid’s group, we are exploring the roles of innate immunity in COPD pathogenesis.  We are particularly interested in novel mechanisms of innate and acquired immunity and in this regard are studying the role of IL-17 and related cytokines in COPD.  We use a combination of human material, in-vivo animal models and in-vitro studies. In summary, our goal is to determine the degree to which these mechanisms contribute to the inflammatory changes in COPD airways.

Contact Information

McGill University
3605 rue de la Montagne
Montreal QC
H3G 2M1

Tel: 514-398-3524
Fax: 514-933-3962
E-Maildavid.eidelman [at]

Education & Training

MDCM, McGill (1980)
FRCP(C), Int Med (1983)
CSPQ, Int Med (1983)
ABIM, Int Med (1984)
FRCP (C), Resp Med (1984)
CSPQ, Pneumology (1984)
ABIM, Resp Med (1985)