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Health Matters: New Research on Helminths Infections

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This week on Health Matters, Dr. Irah King shares how MUHC researchers in different fields worked together to make a fascinating discovery and how the microbiome impacts immunity.

(Time on podcast: 11:40). Research at the RI-MUHC is looking at Helminths infections. These are parasitic worms that can infect and live in the intestines and impact our gut health. Helminths infections are really a neglected disease and are quite prevalent in developing in countries. Over a billion people are infected with Helminths. We need to better understand how these parasitic worms impact our health. If someone is infected with a high worm burden early in life, it can have a very negative impact on development and health. Remarkably, if someone is infected with a low worm burden, it is associated with better health in adults. These worms may actually regulate our immune system and prevent it from overreacting to help it better protect or prevent against diseases (e.g. autoimmune diseases). Listen to the podcast to learn more about this exciting research.

Listen to the Podcast

Researchers from different fields create innovative health solutions. The MUHC Foundation’s Health Matters. August 28, 2022.