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Health Matters: Sleep apnea and wearable technology

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This week on Health Matters, Tarah Schwartz speaks with Dr. John Kimoff who explains a new sleep apnea clinic that is helping patients sleep and breathe easier using wearable technology.

(Time on Podcast: 11:40). A new sleep clinic at the MUHC is helping patients with sleep apnea sleep and breathe easier using wearable technology. Not sleeping well can have a huge impact on our day to day labs. Dr. John Kimoff is the director of the sleep lab at the MUHC. The sleep lab includes individual rooms that patients can sleep in overnight and have their sleep patterns recorded overnight. Patients that use the sleep lab include those with sleep-related breathing disorders such as apnea or hypoventilation, as well as other non-breathing sleep disorders such as narcolepsy and abnormal movements during the night. In the lab, the team can study behavior at night and correlate with recordings. There is also a home testing program. In the comfort of one’s home, wearable technologies can record breathing efforts, oxygen levels, and breathing airflow. Useful information can be obtained from these technologies and inform care plans or follow-up studies. While these wearable technologies might not be able to reliably diagnose sleep-apnea just yet, they are getting better as the technologies develop.

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