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We are MI4 – Creation of the McGill Antimicrobial Resistance Centre

RI-MUHC Accelerating Clinical Trials - Clinical Trial Unit (ACT-CTU)

Dr. Dao Nguyen, Clinician Scientist at McGill University and the new Director of the McGill Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Centre. The goal of her research is to better treat lung infections. One major research focus is on Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Her work on this pathogen is leading to better diagnosis and treatment of this infection. With this research, there is hope to find new biomaterials and new molecules to accomplish this. The AMR Centre at McGill was inspired by MI4 to tackle important problems in infection and immunity that require a multidisciplinary approach.

For decades, we have relied on antibiotics being effective, but with the rise of AMR, they may fail us more and more. It is critical for the future of medicine—and the future of human health—that we find new ways to diagnose, prevent and treat infection.

Dr. Dao Nguyen

Watch Dr. Dao Nguyen in the video below.

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