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Health Matters: Excellence in respiratory care and research

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In a best-of episode, Tarah Schwartz of The MUHC Foundation’s Health Matters revisits her conversations with four respiratory specialists from the Montreal Chest Institute. Respiratory care and respiratory research in Montreal is discussed, with a specific focus on the impact of COVID-19 on the field as well as improved lung cancer diagnosis and treatment options.

Kevin Schwartzman, MD MPH and Senior Scientist at the RI-MUHC, discusses the initial impact of COVID-19 on respiratory specialists who need to treat the medical aspects of the disease while also having to organize themselves to provide the best care possible to all. Dr. Schwartzman also discusses the Montreal Chest Institute and the vast array of respiratory illnesses that are treated at this institution.

Jennifer Laudry, MD MSc and Associate Investigator at the RI-MUHC, discusses the initial impact of COVID-19 on her work. Looking back over the past two years, she reflects on how the respiratory teams have rallied and adapted to ongoing changes and uncertainty in the face of this pandemic. Dr. Landry also touches on the lasting effects of COVID-19 for some patients, knows as long-COVID.

Nicole Ezer, MD MPH and Junior Scientist at the RI-MUHC, focuses her work on screening and early diagnosis of lung cancer. Unfortunately, lung cancer is often diagnosed as a late-stage disease with limited treatment options. With improved screening programs, lung cancers are now identified earlier such that more curative treatment options can be offered. Screening is a game-changer in the field. A hotline has been set up for certain at-risk people who meet the screening criteria, currently geared to smokers and ex-smokers.

Anne Gonzalez, MD MSc and Scientist at the RI-MUHC works in the specialized lung cancer clinic at the MUHC that receives referrals of patients with suspicious findings. Specialists at the clinic carry out a thorough investigation, the disease is accurately diagnosed and appropriate treatments are offered to the patient. Treatment options for lung cancer are rapidly evolving and patient outcomes are improving.

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Excellence in respiratory care and research, The MUHC Foundation’s Health Matters. March 7, 2022.

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