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Self-management is key to COPD patient care

Petty Memorial Lecture

This year, Dr. Jean Bourbeau, delivered the Thomas L. Petty, MD, Master FCCP Endowed Memorial Lecture, Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Self-Management in COPD: Understanding the Past to Build the Future, at the CHEST 2021 Annual Meeting.

Progress in the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease includes the introduction of a new aspect of patient care, self-management behavior modification (SMBM) intervention. Although SMBM does not replace pulmonary rehabilitation,

It’s been shown that self-management interventions that include written action plans and coaching with a health care professional for prompt treatment of worsening symptoms lead to lower probability of both respiratory-related and all-cause hospitalizations and improved health status.

Dr. Bourbeau

Despite this new aspect to care, there is still room for improvement in the field of COPD and respiratory rehabilitation:

We have come a long way, but we still have many challenges, such as underdiagnosed COPD, which is still a worldwide problem. And while there are treatments nowadays, the diagnosis is often made late in the disease process. This is important to change, and there is a huge gap in this area.

Dr. Bourbeau

Dr. Jean Bourbeau, MD and Senior Scientist with the RI-MUHC’s RESP Program, Associate Member of the Meakins-Christie Laboratories, Member of RECRU, co-Principal Investigator of CanCOLD, and Director of the Centre for Innovative Medicine, RI-MUHC.

Read more about the Lecture here:

Petty Memorial Lecture: Past, present, and future of pulmonary rehab and self-management in COPD, Chest Daily News, November 3, 2021.