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5 CIHR Project Grants Awarded!

CIHR Project grant results for Meakins-Christie Laboratories and RESP program

Congratulations to all Meakins and RECRU members who were funded in the Spring 2021 Project Grant Competition! Congratulations to ALL!

Dao Nguyen. Co-applicant: Christopher Thibodeaux. Title: A novel mechanism of antibiotic tolerance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Irah King. Co-applicant: Alex Gregorieff. Title: Type 2 immune-mediated control of intestinal epithelium stem cell fate and function.

Nicole Ezer, Emily McDonald. Co-applicants: Benjamin Smith, Jean Bourbeau, Andrea Benedetti, Robyn Tamblyn, Abhinav Sharma, Roland Grad. Title: Harnessing predictive analytics for personalized high-value health: nesting clinical decision support for cardiovascular disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in a provincial lung cancer screening program.

Dennis Jensen, Emily McDonald. Co-applicants: Philippe Dixon, Michael Libman, Matthew Cheng, Jesse Papenburg, Amir Hadid. Title: Use of Wearable Sensors for Early Detection and Tracking of Viral Respiratory Tract Infections: The WE SENSE study.

Andrea Benedetti, Brett Thombs. Title: Statistical Methodology for Prediction Modelling to Improve Depression Screening with Individualized Risk Estimates in the Context of Individual Participant Data Meta-analysis.