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Phase III COVID-19 Clinical Trial Begins

Meakins-Christie Laboratories COVID study and story

A Phase-III clinical trial of a COVID-19 treatment has been approved in Canada. Under the leadership of Dr. Jean Bourbeau, Director of the Centre of Innovative Medicine at the RI-MUHC and Associate Member of the Meakins-Christie Laboratories, patients for the study will be recruited starting June 28.

The trial involves the use of PULM-001, an oral antibiotic that is well known to physicians, is safe and very affordable, for the treatment of COVID-19 in its early stages. Dr. Bourbeau states:

“The vaccines are undoubtedly important, but are not the final answer to this problem. It will be a long time before the whole world is vaccinated, and until then, we need a treatment that is effective against this damaging disease. This medication is inexpensive and has a proven record of safety, and we are confident that it will prevent severe COVID-19 cases.”

Dr. Jean Bourbeau

For more information about this clinical trial, and the specifics of how to sign up, read the June 15th edition of the McGill Reporter by clicking the link below:

Listen to the interview with Dr. Jean Bourbeau on The MUHC Foundation’s Health Matters here: