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RI-MUHC Gnotobiotic Research Platform

The Gnotobiotic Research Platform, under the leadership of Dr. Irah King, is open for business!

The RI-MUHC Gnotobiotic Research Platform opened in March and will operate under the leadership of Dr. Irah King, an investigator based at the Meakins-Christie Laboratories. The RI-MUHC and McGill University form a hub to integrate microbiome research activities. The platform is equipped with advanced technology that allows scientists to precisely control and change the microbial composition of experimental models to study infection and inflammation and diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

“We want to provide McGill investigators and their partners with the infrastructure and resources for our university to become an international leader in translational microbiome studies.” 

Irah King

The Platform is physically located at the RI-MUHC and forms an integral part of the new McGill Centre for Microbiome Research.

“The primary objective of the McGill Centre for Microbiome Research is to offer a hub to integrate and synergize microbiome research activities, the outcomes of which will provide evidence-based knowledge for the benefit of medicine and public health.”

Irah King

Read the interview here:

The Gnotobiotic Research Platform is open for business. RI-MUHC News & Events, April 27, 2021.

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