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Three CIHR Grants Awarded!

CIHR Project grant results for Meakins-Christie Laboratories and RESP program

Congratulations to all Meakins and RECRU members who were recently funded by CIHR! Congratulations to ALL!

CIHR: Fall 2020 Project Grant Competition: Operating Grant: COVID-19 Research Gaps and Priorities program.

Maziar Divangahi. Co-Investigator: Irah King. Title: Developing a novel vaccine against COVID-19.

CIHR Fall 2020 Project Grant Competition

Faiz Ahmad Khan. Co-Principal Investigators: Nitika Pai, Keertan Dheda, Suma Nair, Jean-Pierre Routy. Title: Evaluation of a digital, rapid self-sampling strategy for individuals with suspected COVID-19 infection in South Africa and India.

Catalyst Grant: Breathing as One – Boehringer Ingelheim Canada COPD Grant

Benjamin Smith. Co-Investigators: Jean Bourbeau, Andrea Benedetti. Title: Airway trees in the Anthropocene: A new paradigm for personalizing COPD prevention, prognosis, and pharmacotherapy.