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Treatment Options for COVID-19

Dr. Nicole Ezer of the RI-MUHC's RESP Program is researching treatment options for COVID-19 in its early stages with mild symptoms.

Dr. Nicole Ezer, of the RI-MUHC’s RESP Program, is looking for treatment options for COVID-19. Dr. Ezer is the lead researcher in the study, an RI-MUHC trial that began in September 2020. The objective of the study is to find a medication that will keep COVID-19 patients at home longer, or ideally, eliminate the need for hospitalization completely.

Presently, Dr. Ezer is testing the efficiency of ciclesonide, an inhaled and nasal steroid drug currently used for asthma and nasal rhinitis, as one of the treatment options for COVID-19 in its early stages, or for patients with milder symptoms.

Dr. Ezer believes we will never be completely free of COVID-19, as vaccines are never 100% effective. Therefore it is important to have treatment options available, and to keep patients out of hospital whenever possible.

Dr. Ezer was interviewed about her research – the full story can be read here:

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