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Health Matters: The Future of Cannabis Research

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Two years after legalization in Canada: we discuss the future of cannabis research with Dr. Carolyn Baglole.

(Time of Podcast: 9:35) Dr. Carolyn Baglole of the Meakins-Christie Laboratories talks about the future of cannabis research in Canada, and how legalization has had a positive impact in this field. Funding opportunities have increased considerably and barriers to research, such as access to different cannabis products, have diminished. Stigmas surrounding medical cannabis continue to exist, but the future of cannabis research in Canada is evident.

Julie Quenneville, President of the McGill University Health Centre Foundation, recently spoke to Dr. Baglole on CJAD as part of the Health Matters series.

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The future of cannabis research. The MUHC Foundation’s Health Matters. October 18, 2020.