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Health Matters: Improving Testing for COVID-19

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This week on Health Matters, Dr. Richard Menzies joins us to talk about the next steps for COVID-19 testing.

(Time on Podcast: 0:35) Dr. Menzies explains how improved testing is the best wave to contain the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The study looked at the feasibility and costs of systematically testing groups at risk of COVID-19 (such as health care works, residents in long term care facilities, other essential workers, schools, etc..). While the cost of testing is large across each group, but the cost of these screening programs are small in comparison with other imposed COVID measures. The strategy proposes that on-site testing with mobile teams to go to schools, businesses, will help eliminate wit times at these testing centers. This would help better detect the asymptomatic cases within these testing areas. Surprisingly, 3/4 of all transmission in the community is actually from asymptomatic cases. In summary, better testing may be a better strategy than another complete shutdown. In addition, research shows saliva testing is a good alternative to the nasopharyngeal swabs.

Listen to the Podcast:

Fixing Broken Hearts. The MUHC Foundation’s Health Matters. Sept 27, 2020.