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Health Matters: Solving the Mysteries Surrounding Severe COVID-19

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What questions about severe COVID cases have been answered so far? What are MUHC clinician-scientists still working to uncover? Dr. Jean Bourbeau discusses what we know about treating severe COVID-19.

(Time on Podcast: 9:25) Many still believe that COVID-19 is not as severe as portrayed by the government and the media. On this podcast, medical experts talk to the severity of COVID-19 complications and why some groups are more at risk. Even once vaccines become available, we will still need to other medications to help treat severe COVID. Dr. Jean Bourbeau speaks to a clinical trial being run at the MUHC with a repurposed drug, dapsone. This drug is well know and it works as an anti-inflammatory. There is hope that this repurposed drug will help minimize severe complications from the virus.

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Solving the mysteries surrounding severe COVID-19. The MUHC Foundation’s Health Matters. September 20, 2020.