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COVID-19: A Long Road to Recovery


Dr. Peter Goldberg of the Meakins-Christie Laboratories, Director of Critical Care Medicine at the MUHC and member of the RESP Program at the RI-MUHC, interviewed by La Presse about COVID-19 recovery post-ICU. Specifically, Dr. Goldberg discusses the experiences of himself and his team caring for patients like Paul Mayrand. Mr. Mayrand was the first COVID-19 patient to be admitted to the ICU in mid-March 2020.

Dr. Goldberg explains how patients like Mr. Mayrand, who survive days or even months in the ICU, experience severe and enduring side effects from the powerful medications they required. Recovery includes a long period of rehabilitation as patients re-learn how to eat, speak, move and to perform other basic tasks. As well, permanent damage is done to major organs, not to mention the psychological effects of enduring such a traumatic experience.

Learn more about Dr. Goldberg’s work in the ICU during the COVID pandemic, and the experiences of other COVID patients: