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RAMQ: Remove Financial Barriers to Smoking-Cessation!

RAMQ should remove financial barriers to smoking-cessation

An opinion piece published by Sean Gilman in The Gazette on May 18, 2020, emphasizes the importance of increased RAMQ support for patients who require multiple courses of nicotine replacement therapy and other smoking cessation Rx. It reflects a letter to the health ministry prepared by Sean Gilman, Dr. Jean Bourbeau, and more than 100 other professionals, and is particularly meaningful during the current pandemic.

Dr. Bourbeau is an associate member of the Meakins-Christie Laboratories and a senior scientist in the RI-MUHC RESP Program. He brings many years of experience to his work, as do the other professionals working with him, giving considerable weight to their assertions.

Read the piece in more detail:

Opinion: Amid COVID-19, helping smokers quit is more urgent than ever. Quebec should end the limits on forms, duration, frequency and dose of proven smoking-cessation treatments covered by the public drug plan. Special to Montreal Gazette. By Sean Gilman. May 18, 2020.