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2012 Respiratory Research News Meakins-Christie Laboratories

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Respiratory Research centre in Canada: Meakins-Christie Laboratories of the RI-MUHC and McGIll University
  • Congratulations to Sarah McCuaig on being awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford University (see article in the McGill Reporter). Sarah has been working as an undergraduate student with Jim Martin for the past year and a half.  (7 Dec, 2012)
  • The winners for their presentations at the MUHC-RI Respiratory Axis Research Day were:
    MScMichele Schaeffer (Sup, Dennis Jensen); PhDAmir Massoud (Sup, Bruce Mazer); PDFFanny Tzelepis (Sup: Maziar Divangahi); Clin FelIlan Azuelos (Sup Basil Petrof) (4 July, 2012)
  • MCL researchers ranked 2nd, 3rd & 4th by CIHR Resp Systems Committee. Congratulations to Simon Rousseau (2nd; Role of epithelium-derived IL-33 in driving lung inflammation in Cystic Fibrosis patients), Carolyn Baglole (3rd; Molecular regulation of cigarette smoke-induced pulmonary disease by the aryl hydrocarbon receptor) and Basil Petrof (4th; Ventilator-induced diaphragmatic dysfunction). Sabah Hussain was ranked 7th by the Movement & Exercise committee (Sepsis-induced skeletal muscle dysfunction: Role of autophagy(14 June, 2012)
  • Bill Powell, Joshua Rokach (PI, Florida Inst Technology) and Carol Reinero (University of Missouri) received a 3-year grant from the American Asthma Foundation (5-Oxo-ETE: A Novel Inflammatory Mediator(25 May, 2012)
  • Saba Al Heialy (Sup, James Martin) won the James Hogg Prize for the best presentation at the 2nd Annual Canadian Thoracic Society Poster Competition held during the 2012 ATS meeting. Michela Zago (Sup, Carolyn Baglole) won second prize. Congratulations to both.  (25 May, 2012)
  • Carolyn Baglole has received a Junior-1 Chercheur-Boursier award from the FRSQ (Régulation moléculaire de la fumée de cigarette induit une maladie pulmonaire par le récepteur d’aryl d’hydrocarbone) (2 May, 2012)
  • Simon Rousseau has received a Junior-2 Chercheur-Boursier award from the FRSQ (Mécanismes de signalisation intracellulaire régulant l’inflammation suite aux infections pulmonaires). His application was ranked #1 by the committee! (2 May, 2012)
  • Dao Nguyen has successfully renewed her phase 2 CIHR Clinician Scientist award (The role of the stringent response and 4-hydroxy-2-alkylquinolines in the antibiotic tolerance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms).
  • Gabriel Kaufman (Sup, Bruce Mazer) was awarded a 3-yr Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship by the CIHR. (2 May, 2012)
  • Congratulations to Carolyn Baglole (Post-transcriptional regulation of protein expression by the aryl hydrocarbon receptor) and Jim Martin (The role of CD44 in the bidirectional crosstalk between T lymphocytes and airway smooth muscle) on receiving a 5-yr grants from NSERC
    (3 Apr, 2012)
  • Gabriel Kaufman (Sup, Bruce Mazer) has been awarded a 2-year PhD studentship from Canadian Blood Services (12 Mar, 2012)
  • Congratulations to Christina Haston on the renewal of her 3-year grant from CF Canada entitled “Intestinal microbiome of Cftr deficient mice and its influence on lung function” (8 Mar, 2012)
  • Mark Bazett (Sup, Christina Haston) has been awarded a studentship from CF Canada (8 Mar. 2012)
  • Congratulations to Nobuaki Hirota (Sup, Jim Martin) and Mark Bazett (Sup, Christina Haston) who have been selected as the winners of the Meakins Recognition Awards, for high caliber publications by trainees. (23 Feb, 2012)