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Research Seminars 2010-2011

Weekly Research Seminar Series

Mon, Sept 20, 2010
Nathalie Grandvaux
Asst Prof, Dept Biochem, U de M
CHUM Res Centre
NADPH oxidase-dependent molecular mechanisms of antiviral and
proinflammatory responses during infections by respiratory viruses
Mon, Sept 27, 2010
Basil Petrof
Prof, Dept Medicine, McGill
Meakins-Christie Labs
Is host immunity a factor in muscular dystrophy pathogenesis?
Mon, Oct 4, 2010
Michel Desjardins
Dept Pathol/Cell Biol
University of Montreal
The role of autophagy in antigen presentation
Mon, Oct 11, 2010No SeminarThanksgiving
Mon, Oct 18, 2010No SeminarB Cell Workshopp
Mon Oct 25, 2010
Bob J Scholte
Dept Cell Biology
Erasmus Medical Cntr, Rotterdam
Mouse models of Cystic Fibrosis, finding and testing new therapeutic targets
Mon Nov 1, 2010
Jamila Chakir
Professor, Dept Medicine
Laval University
Structural cell response to corticosteroid in asthma
Mon Nov 8, 4:00 pm
Augustine M. Choi
Chief, Div Pulm & Crit Care Med
Parker B. Francis Prof Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Autophagy in lung disease: regulation and function
Mon Nov 15, 2010
Mon Nov 22, 2010
Randy R. Brutkiewicz
Professor, Dept Microbiol Immunol
Indiana University
Regulation of Lipid Antigen Presentation by Cell Signaling Pathways
Mon Nov 29, 2010
Raed Dweik
Pulm, Allergy & Crit Care Med
Cleveland Clinic
Recent Advances and current challenges in the clinical application of exhaled breath analysis
Mon Dec 6, 2010
Marco Sandri
Dept Biomedical Sci
University of Padova
Autophagy-Lysosome system and the control of muscle mass
Mon Dec 13, 2010
Charles A Powell
Div Pulm, Allergy & Crit Care Med
Columbia U Medical Center
Modeling Lung Adenocarcinoma Invasiveness
Mon Dec 20, 2010
Nada Jabado
Assoc Prof, Dept Pediatrics
McGill University
Stuck in traffic or Lost in translation? Molecular insight into pediatric astrocytomas
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
Mon Jan 10, 2011
Grace Parraga
Assoc Prof, Medical Biophysics
Imaging Res Labs, Robarts Res Inst
University of Western Ontario
Hyperpolarized noble gas Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A new tool for regional
in vivo structural and functional measurements of obstructive Lung Disease
Mon Jan 17, 2011
Geoffrey Maksym
Assoc Prof, Biomed Eng
Dalhousie University
Airway smooth muscle and it’s activity in asthma
Mon Jan 24, 2011
Barry Posner
Professor, Dept Medicine
Director, Polypeptide Laboratory
McGill University
The mechanism of Epidermal Growth Factor Action: Key Role of mTOR Activation
Mon Jan 31, 2011No SeminarMeakins Workshop
Mon Feb 7, 2011No Seminar
Mon Feb 14, 2011
Veronika von Messling
Associate Professor
INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier
Université du Québec
Host Response Contribution to Influenza Virus Pathogenesis
Mon Feb 21, 2011
Janusz Rak
Jack Cole Chair Ped Hematol/Oncol
Montreal Children’s Hospital
Oncosomes – the weird science of cell debris in cancer
Mon Feb 28, 2011
Russell T Hepple
Assoc Prof, Dept Kinesiology
McGill University
Does Mitochondrial Dysfunction Contribute to Muscle Atrophy with Aging?
Mon Mar 7, 2011
Dao Nguyen
Asst Prof, Dept Med, McGill
Montreal General Hospital
The role of starvation responses in Pseudomonas aeruginosa antibiotic tolerance
Mon Mar 14, 2011No Seminar
Mon Mar 21, 2011
Michael O’Reilly
Prof, Dept Pediatrics
U Rochester
Defining how neonatal hyperoxia is a developmental antecedent of cardiopulmonary disease
Mon Mar 28, 2011
Parameswaran Nair
Assoc Prof, Dept Med, McMaster U
Firestone Inst Resp Health
Evaluation of a biomarker of eosinophil activity in the airway
Mon Apr 4, 2011
James G. Martin
Professor, Dept Medicine, McGill
Meakins-Christie Laboratories
Airway remodeling: from the sublime to the ridiculous
Mon Apr 11, 2011
Boaz Tirosh
Inst Drug Research
School of Pharmacy
Hebrew Univ Jerusalem
Making a plasma cell: an interplay between the unfolding protein response
and the mTOR signaling pathways
Mon Apr 18, 2011
Chantal Autexier
Prof, Anat Cell Biol, McGill
Bloomfield Cntr Res Aging
Lady Davis Institute
Targeting Telomerase and Telomeres: Valid Anti-cancer Strategies?
Mon Apr 25, 2011No SeminarEaster
Mon May 2, 2011
Abdelilah Soussi Gounni
Assoc Prof, Immunol, U Manitoba
Manitoba Inst Child Health
Targeting Telomerase and Telomeres: Valid Anti-cancer Strategies?
Mon May 9, 2011
Jill Johnson
Postdoctoral Fellow
Meakins-Christie Laboratories
The PDGFs in chronic allergic lung disease
Mon May 16, 2011ATS Conference
Mon May 23, 2011
National Patriot’s Day
Mon May 30, 2011
Marc Therrien
Assoc Prof, Dept Path & Cell Biol
Inst Res Immunol & Cancer
University of Montreal
Of dimers and scaffolds: Dissection of the Ras/MAPK signalling pathway
Mon June 6, 2011
Erwin Schurr
Centre for Host Resistance
McGill University
Host genetics and susceptibility to tuberculosis
Mon June 13, 2011
Filip Swirski
Asst Prof, Harvard
Center for Systems Biology
Massachusetts General Hospital
The origin of myeloid cells in atherosclerosis
Mon June 20, 2011
Nicola A Hanania
Director, Asthma Clinical Res Cntr
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX
ß2-Agonists in Asthma: From Full to Inverse Agonism