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Research Seminars 2009-2010

Weekly Research Seminar Series

Mon Sept 21, 2009
Carolyn Baglole
Res Asst Professor
Dept Env Med, U Rochester
Attenuation of pulmonary inflammation and cell death by the aryl hydrocarbon receptor
Mon Sept 28, 2009
Jason Kindrachuk
Posdoctoral Fellow
Dept Micro/Imm, UBC
Enhancing Host Defence Peptide Activities Through Rational Design: Therapeutic Prospects and Limitations
Mon Oct 5, 2009
Zoulfia Allakhverdi
Postdoctoral Fellow
Hôpital Notre-Dame, Montreal
Role of epithelial cells in inflammatory airway diseases
Mon Oct 12, 2009No SeminarThanksgiving
Mon Oct 19, 2009
Daniel J Weiss
Associate Professor of Medicine
University of Vermont
Amelioration of Allergic Airways Inflammation by Systemic Administration of Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Mon Oct 26, 2009
John White
Professor, Dept Physiology
McGill University
Regulation of innate immunity by vitamin D
Mon Nov 2, 2009
Carole Ober
Professor of Human Genetics
University of Chicago
Genetic Dissection of Asthma and Associated Traits
Mon Nov 9, 2009
Maria Kilfoil
Asst Professor, Dept. Physics
McGill University
Cell Architecture: Soft Matter Physics Meets Biology
Mon Nov 16, 2009
Joshua A. Boyce
Assoc professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Cysteinyl leukotrienes and their receptors; much more complicated than we thought
Mon Nov 23, 2009No Seminar
Mon Nov 30, 2009
Vassilios Papadopoulos
Professor, Dept Medicine
McGill University
Director, Res Inst, MUHC
Mon Dec 7, 2009
Albert M. Berghuis
Dept Biochemistry, McGill
Structure-guided lead development for combating antibiotic resistance
Mon Dec 14, 2009
Robert Sladek
Asst Prof, Dept Medicine, McGill
McGill University and
Génome Québec Innovation Centre
Genome-Wide Association Studies: A simple approach to complex diseases
Happy Holidays!
Mon Jan 11, 2010
Sven Wassmann
Assoc Prof, Dept Medicine
McGill University – JGH
Endothelial progenitor cells: Functional capacities and implications of the renin-angiotensin system
Mon Jan 18, 2010
Ann Clarke
Assoc Prof, Dept Medicine, McGill
Montreal General Hospital
Peanut Allergy: Trivialized or Demonized?
Mon Jan 25, 2010
Philippe Gros
Professor, Dept Biochemistry
McGill University
Genetic control of susceptibility to malaria: from mice to humans
Mon Feb 1, 2010
Madhukar Pai
Asst Prof, Dept Epid/Biostat
McGill University
Optimism bias, inflated accuracy estimates, and contradicted findings in TB diagnostic research
Mon Feb 8, 2010No Seminar13th Annual Meakins-Christie Workshop (Feb 7-8, 2010)
Mon Feb 15, 2010
Bruce Mazer
Assoc Prof, Pediatrics, McGill
Meakins-Christie Labs
Semaphorin 4C: A novel Th2-specific B cell immune regulator
Mon Feb 22, 2010
Christine McCusker
Associate Prof, Pediatrics, McGill
Meakins-Christie Labs
Can allergic airway responses be prevented by STAT-6 inhibition? Timing is everything
Mon Mar 1, 2010No SeminarAAAAI Meeting New Orleans (Feb 26 – Mar 2)
Seminar Mon Mar 8, 2010Steven An
Asst Prof, Dept Env Health Sciences
Johns Hopkins University
Forces of airway smooth muscle in asthma
Mon Mar 15, 2010No Seminar
Mon Mar 22, 2010
Don Sheppard
Asst Prof, Dept Microbiol/Immunol
McGill University
To be announced
Mon Mar 29, 2010
Frieder Schöck
Assoc Prof, Dept Biology
McGill University
Cell-matrix adhesion and myofibril assembly mediated by LIM domain proteins
Mon Apr 5, 2010No SeminarEaster Monday
Mon Apr 12, 2010No Seminar
Mon Apr 19, 2010
Peter Weller
Professor of medicine
Harvard Medical School
Mechanisms of human eosinophil cytokine secretion
Mon Apr 26, 2010
Naftali Kaminski
Assoc Prof, Dept Medicine
Simmons Cntr Interstitial Lung Dis
U Pittsburgh Medical Center
The big role of small RNAs in Lung Fibrosis
Mon May 3, 2010
Arnold Kristof
Asst Prof, Medicine, McGill
Meakins-Christie Labs
To be announced
Mon May 10, 2010
Mark Inman
Prof, Dept Medicine,
McMaster Firestone Inst Resp Health
Epithelial barrier function a determinant of airway responsiveness
Mon May 17, 2010No SeminarATS Meeting New Orleans (May 14-19)
Mon May 24, 2010No SeminarVictoria Day
Mon May 31, 2010
Bradley J. Undem
Prof, Dept. Medicine
Johns Hopkins University
Activation Mechanisms of Vagal Extero- and Intero-Nocieptors in the Respiratory Tract
Wiselberg Seminar
Mon June 7, 2010
26th Annual Dr. Dorothy Wiselberg Seminar: Rare Lung Disease
Mon June 14, 2010
Atul Malhotra
Asst Prof, Dept Medicine
Harvard Medical School